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Congratulations to all of our students who promoted over the lat couple of weeks. Our testing day on May 26th went really well and we are excited to see all the new belt colours in class in the fall!

We also have two new Black Belts joining the Estevan Taekwon-Do Family. Congratulations to Mr. James Kim and Mr. Darson Gunnlaugson, they tested with Master Vito Palella on June 2nd.

All of our senior instructors tested this past weekend as well. Mr. Wayne Brown, Mr. Don Decheif and Mr. Warren Morrical have attained 6th Degree black belt, while Mrs. Trinda Jocelyn attained her 3rd Degree Black Belt and also tested with Master Palella over the June 1st and 2nd weekend.

On June 2nd, Master Palella also held a seminar with our students, giving them an opportunity to train with a Master for the first time. Our club is very thankful to have had Master Palella come out and spend some time with us here in Saskatchewan. We learned a great deal from him and look forward to putting that knowledge to good use!

Master Palella, Mr. Decheif, Mr. Brown, Mr. Morrical

Master Palella, Mr. Decheif, Mr. Brown, Mr. Morrical After testing for 6th Degree June 1, 2018.

Black belts after testing and SeminarMr. Troy McClellend, Mr. Arlen McCutcheon, Mr. James Kim, Mr. Don Dechief, Mr. Darson Gunnlaugson, Master Vito Palella, Mrs. Trinda Jocelyn, Mr. Wayne Brown and Mr. Warren Morrical

Estevan Taekwon-Do Students and Master Palella

Some of the Estevan Taekwon-Do students that attended the Seminar that was held on June 2. Thank you again to Master Palella (centre) for doing the seminar for us!

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